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About Us

Who we are

We are an AI-first company pioneering transformative solutions in fintech/digital commerce/mixed reality. Specializing in streamlining transactions, we offer innovative tools to make processes easier, more efficient, and faster. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of finance with ease and confidence.

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Our Mission

Our development philosophy focuses on comprehensively understanding and
addressing our clients' financial operation challenges. We prioritize client-centric solutions, focusing on streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and mitigating pain points. Through iterative development and a deep understanding of industry needs, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that empower our clients to manage their finances effectively, ultimately driving growth and success in their operations

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Who we serve?

LIQUIDMIND® serves a diverse range of clients across the financial landscape, including startups, MSME and platforms. Our advanced technologies, coupled with automation solutions, cater to the
unique needs of each sector. We also collaborate with fintech startups, insurance companies, investment firms, and regulatory bodies, ensuring comprehensive support across the financial ecosystem.


For streamlined document processing, enhancing customer service
and compliance efficiency


For automated invoice processing, accelerating payment
cycles and improving cash flow management


For seamless data extraction, optimizing user experience and
transactional accuracy

Leadership Team

 Naveen Athresh

Founder/CEO and Chief Product officer-Profile (March 2024)

Naveen runs in the mixed reality, digital commerce/Fintech space. A TEDx speaker, Forbes India 2020 top 100 leader (the only leader selected from Rakuten), he has consistently built 200+ member led high performance teams from scratch, led cross geo Product Engineering and Data sciences teams. He has been regularly featured as a thought leader across leading business dailies. Most recently, Naveen was featured on the January 2024 featured section with an elite list of business people globally (mostly USA) on a Global business magazine (Business Today) and USAwire in an article called “Thought leaders making an impact in the world”.



Banashankari III Stage



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