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We're experts in software development, specializing in solving complex problems efficiently. With a focus on financial operations, we craft innovative, user-centric applications utilizing cutting-edge technology and conversational platforms. Our track record demonstrates a commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and delivering high-quality solutions that drive tangible results.

Long bills automated short work

FinOps Connect

Revolutionizing accounts payable with conversational commerce. Seamlessly manage invoices through image recognition and WhatsApp integration, empowering businesses with efficient payment options and many more..


Empowering MCX traders with predictive insights, ensuring informed decision-making and risk management in commodity trading.

Explore into the world of Automated Financial Operations
FinOps Connect and Auto-invoice


Bridging credit repayment gaps with data-driven financing solutions. Utilize transaction data to offer dynamic discounts and EMI options, empowering vendors with flexible payment terms and enhancing cash flow management.


Providing seamless, consistent and risk-free payment experience. Best in class products, services and support throughout. We work on unifying all the complicated payment smoothening requirements to simplify your payments.

Digital Payment
AI based catlog tagging


AI product catalog in-warding for e-commerce companies to maximize the product search.

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